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Nov 29th (Saturday) - The Broadway Pub

Dewsbury Road - Leeds

A great gig which started with a full pub and which stayed full - thank goodness!!!

Not really been tested that way before!!!

It was Mick's first gig with us since the sad departure of Dave (Lead Guitar) and considering we'd only had four hours of practice, I think the band did really well and held the show together. Well enough to be rebooked for next year, Sat March 28th!!

See you all then!

No pics as there was no light on us, but some reasonable videos taken with a small camcorder in the audience.

Black Magic Woman - click here

Don't Believe a Word - click here

Hoochie Coochie Man - click here

Sweet Home Chicago - click here

Cocaine - click here

Pride and Joy - click here

Nov 1st (Saturday) - Billy Row Club

Crook - Durham

A good gig for a good cause (raising funds to help to get war veterans off the street - nearly £2000 was raised with this event - congratulations to the promoters) but, again, only a very small crowd but we were very well received. No audio but some great stills courtesy of 21C Punk Photographers.

Very sadly, Dave Myatt (Lead Guitar and Co-founder of the band) has chosen this to be his last gig. We will miss his amazing guitar playing and individual style and all the band wish him the very best of luck in the future.

Dave (Bass) and Johnny Gray having a vocal "together" moment

Oct 25th (Saturday) - The Player's Bar


A great place to play. Large dedicated room with four foot raised good-sized stage with excellent lighting system and superb sound system with a great engineer provided. We were told that we sounded great. We did two great sets in front of a small small audience of twenty or so but which apparently changed of personnel regularly - so that ultimately, maybe some sixty people heard us. On finishing, an encore was forcibly demanded and we did a great version of BLACK NIGHT which was ecstatically received.

We would love to play here again if we could guarantee a bigger crowd!!!

Unfortunately we got no video of this event. The manager tells me that the club may have taken some and may upload it to youtube. Will post it here should that happen.

Oct 21st (Tuesday) - The Old Printworks


Sadly, two members of the Broken Flowers Band, booked in to play here on this night were unwell, so we stood in for them. We had a few technical problems which didn't help in the first set, with one of the PA speakers blowing. Luckily we had a replacement and the second set went down really well. Max, the promoter, was a great host and we hope to play there again in the new year.

Oct 11th (Saturday) - The Glyde House


The less said about this gig the better. We played to an empty room and as we were not getting paid, we packed up after the first set. However, Mandy Myatt said we sounded great which is at least something.

Don't Believe a Word - - Click Here

Hoochie Coochie Man - - Click here

Locomotive Breath - - Click here

Rocky Mountain Way - Click here

Sept 20th (Saturday) - The New Roscoe

Leeds, Bristol Street

A great venue which has promoted many many great bands and it was an honour to play there Saturday.

Dave (bass) set up the PA superbly with the best monitor set up we have had to date and all this while being very poorly.

Again, not a huge crowd but once again very supportive, knowledgeable

Link to our opening sequence - Pride and Joy/Cocaine and Locomotive Breath

and to our performance of - Need Your Love So Bad

Sept 12th (Friday) - The Bull and Fairhouse


A very nice pub with a great atmosphere and obviously a great promoter of live music. There wasn't a huge crowd, but those that were there were oviously knowledgeable and appreciative.

The powers that be liked us and said that we would be welcomed back.

Unfortunately, the video taken could not cope with the flashing blue lights and the little camcorder was too close to the band, so no associated videos or stills from this venue.

The band would be very happy to play there again.

Sept 9th (Tuesday) - The Chemic

Headingly, Leeds

A small intimate setting with a maximum of five in the audience!!! Again, a good practice for what we hope are bigger gigs in the near future (next, The Bull and Fairhouse and straight after that The New Roscoe).

Many thanks to Mandy Myatt for her support and for taking videos. Many thanks too to Angie for her particular brand of happy heckling - keeps everyone on their toes and brings the best out of Paul.

Below are the links to the videos taken my Mandy. Remember, they are taken by a small camcorder and it is amazing that it copes at all with the wall of sound it had to capture:

Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh -

White Room - Cream -

Black Magic Woman - Santana -

Hoochie Coochie Man - Blues Standard -

Like a Hurricane - Neil Young -

Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City - Whitesnake -

Sweet Home Chicago - Blues Standard -

Wishing Well - Free -

Alright Now - Free -

Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf -


Sept. 6th (Saturday) - Alwoodley

Community Centre - Beer Festival

The weather was exceptionally fine .......... either side of this saturday! We had planned to play outdoors but the rain drove us indoors into their main hall. It was a rather strange experience for the band because for two hours we played to a totally empty hall with the exception of the odd mother bringing in their toddler for a mini-rave!! As we understand it, there were some two or three hundred people in the complex sampling the beer and they could hear us loud and clear and swayed as they drank.

It was, however, a useful experience for the band as it was our first full outing with our new bass player, Dave Macdonald, and our first use of his PA - thank you, Dave.

We learned that RADAR LOVE needs some work on from a various departments of the band!!!! And we got this great picture:

August 30th (Saturday) - The Chemic,

Headingly, Leeds

Very small but cosy and friendly venue. Quick 50 minute set as part of a full afternoon of bands giving their time to raise money for MacMillan nurses following the very recent very sad passing away of Rick Jones who organised the music at the Chemic and who booked us in for Tuesday 9th Aug. We are looking forward to playing our full set on that date.

Also, it was Dave Macdonald's (our new bass player) first gig on a week's notice and he did great

July 19th (Saturday) - Ruthin RUFC,

North Wales, Wrecking Crew Harley-Davidson Club GB & Europe - Rally

Nothing like a biker's rally to get a rockin' blues band going. A very appreciative audience from the start with those inside filling the dance floor and those outside visibly grooving to the beats.

Thanks too the member of the audience who came up and muscled into the vocals to THIS HOUSE IS A-ROCKIN' (Stevie Ray Vaughan) and did a really good job.

There was no official video unfortunately but, FOR THE FIRST TIME, the gig was broadcast in real time using an amazing iPhone app which allowed invitees to watch it as a live stream on THEJOHNNYGRAY facebook page.

Being the first time I used it, I started the program early, so there is about 10 mins of first completely black for about a minute, then me adjusting the angle (but failing to clear the screen completely from my iPhone cover obscuring a little part of the picture) and then about 5 mins of the DJ - but then there is our first three numbers that we now segue-way together. Unfiortunetely, the app does allow you to scroll forward, so some patience is needed!



June 7th (Saturday) - The Groovy Happening, Parkside Social Club, Haworth

This was a great gig for us, maybe the best yet with the crowd very responsive and dancing throughout. We did an hour's set generally keeping the pace up.

See and hear for yourselves with this footage taken by Mrs. Johnny Gray with a simple webcam. Many thanks to her. CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW.

Part 1Part 2

Also, many thanks too to Sean (drummer for BROKEN FLOWERS) who stood in at short notice on the drums.

Enjoy some photos below:

June 1 (Saturday) - New Headingly Club

56 Saint Michael's Road, Headingly

We did a great 45 minute set and the smallish crowd present really enjoyed it.

Thank you to Mark, the organiser, for inviting us.

Also, many thanks to Shuggie who deputised professionally as ever on the drums.

Pictures were taken by third parties. Hopefully I will be able to post some of those results as we all let our hair down - well those of us with hair.

9th May 2014 (Friday) - Live at the Lounge

Baildon, Leeds, West Yorkshire

The band went to The Old Glen House, Baildon for a meal together together with partners. It was a very pleasant meal.

We then went on to Live at the Lounge (Social Club next to the Angel Pub) which was an open mike session run by Steve Gibson of

We went on around 9pm after a couple of acts and did 5 tracks and finished the first session with a jam with two young budding lead/rhythtm guitarists being brought on a by an amazing bass guitarist aling with two superb harmonica players.

We did another 5 tracks a little later on and went down very well.

It was our first gig with Phil, our new bass player - rather thrown into the deep end, but, like the rest of the band, he really enjoyed it.

I attach links to three videos taken on the night.

PRIDE AND JOY (Stevie Ray Vaughan Style)



THE DROPKICK, Huddersfield Road, Bradford

Friday 28 February 2014

An unfortunate start details of which I won't go into, but basically, it took us 45 minutes to get the PA working properly and with the band experiencing several (maybe as many as 6!!) false starts.

But, thereafter, we (as a band) feel that we were as good as ever doing two 45 minutes plus sets satisfying the small audience who sat happily throughout, including the false starts.

Also, a big thank you to Brian, our bass player, for playing this gig as his last gig with us having announced his intention to retire from the band a month ago. All the band members wish him well in the future in whatever he does.

Photos from The Dropkick

SNOOTY FOX Friday 7 February 2014

A Great Night where we performed ALL OUR SONGS PRACTICED to date!!! (Listed Below)

We had 'em dancing by the end.

Many thanks to Malcolm for a great sound balance and production.

Videos posted after each set list:

SET LIST (Friday 7th February):

8pm Set 1:

Pride and joy - in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Cocaine - in the style of Eric clapton

Wishing well - in the style of Free

Phone booth - in the style of Robert Cray

Black Magic Woman - in the style of Santana

Crossroads - in the style of Eric clapton only slower

Walk in my shadow - in the style of Free

Don't believe a word - in the style of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott

Rockin in the free world - in the style of Neil Young


Part One -

Part Two -

9pm SET 2:

Look at little sister - in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Red house - in the style of Jimi Hendrix

Need your love so bad - in the style of Fleetwood

This Life - in the style of Curtis Stigers

Rockstar - in the style of Nickelback

Rock me baby - in the style of The Rolling Stones